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PANDIT SUNIL BHARADWAJ, a man with diverse qualities. We live in an age and stress & turbulence which leads to invariably leads to psychosomatic ailments like, insomnia, ulcers, Migraine, Spondylitis, arthritis & mental depression. medication does help but not without side effects. Pandit Sunil Bharadwaj, an eminent physician & therapist in yoga and meditation is associated with the industry from more than 20 years. he has conducted a number of yoga programmes for tourists coming from various parts of the world. He is an extremely good astrologer and palmist. his knowledge is thorough and his guidance proves to be beneficial for the betterment of life. His spiritual lectures include relevant topics such as aura-development, clairvoyance, rejuvenation, tantras & hypnotism, colour & sound energy, chakra balancing, hypno-astrology and ayurvedic panch karma.