Spritual Counsiling

Spiritual counselling takes a holistic as well as spiritual approach to counselling. Guided by intuition and healing spiritual counselling touches on the deeper issues that draw people to counselling and psychotherapy.

My approach to spiritual counselling is aimed at all levels of wellness:
• Emotional
• Physical
• Mental

What you need support with…
Different people need different things, and so a deep understanding and following of the client’s individual process is critical. Real transformation arises from knowing what’s perfect for the client in that moment, aligning with what feels authentic and respecting the sanctity of the therapeutic process, which can can take time or be instant.
This list below gives you an idea of some of the things I work with, this is not exhaustive.
• You are at a psychological or emotional edge; a limit or tolerance of a situation
• You have a negative self-image, low self-worth, feelings of depression, self-harm or eating disorders
• You are feeling depressed or uncertain about life
• You are overwhelmed: with stress, emotion, memories and thoughts to a point of saturation
• You have financial or abundance issues
• You have sexual issues or dysfunction
• You want something, but something different is happening
• You want to expand spiritually
• You don’t quite know what you need support with, but feel drawn to my work
• You are in a difficult transition phase and want support with that
• It feels like it’s the right time to heal
• You have had what seems like a spiritual awakening
• You are disturbed by people and things in the world and this creates issues for you
• You can’t let go, you feel resentful and want to forgive
• You experience lots of power struggles and struggles generally in your relationships
• Family relationships are tough
• You love too much and get walked over
• You can’t manifest a loving relationship or you have commitment issues, or both
• Relationships generally are a struggle, you want to know why this is and how you can change them
• You are waiting and longing for a healthy and loving partnership to materialise
• You are overly sensitive in situations and around people
• You hear voices, have visions
• You feel saturated with fear and controlled by it
• You want to understand who you are and why you are here, and connect with your goals and potential
• You want to completely transform your life
• It feels like life should be better than this
• You have a few or many self-development books but now need to put it into practise and don’t know how
• You have recently experienced an awakening, been initiated into spirituality and yearn to know more
• You have lost someone you loved
• You have lost a job or relationship, or in the process of this
• You feel your past has caught up with you
• You have a very specific issue that you want to resolve and you want help with that
• Conventional therapy has not worked for you but you know it’s possible to heal
• You want to be in love with life and are drawn to the Divine Feminine , the Goddess or the idea of Ascension
• You are not sure where you are at but you like the sound of this work

The Impact of Spiritual Counselling
• Heals and releases fear, trauma and deeply held memories that interrupt us living out our divinity
• Encourages you to go within yourself and access feelings – where we often need to go as part of our transformation
• Helps you to access new, emerging self and more positive behaviour patterns
• Enables you to develop a relationship with your divinity – which is your awareness
• Brings you into alignment with your higher purpose, the infinite potential of your soul for this lifetime
• Transforms what keeps you stuck – your challenges, key energies you are working with and themes for this lifetime
• Heals the past, the memories and personal stories that keep your limited beliefs and patterns in place
• Aligns you with your future, takes you over your edges and brings you into more wholeness
• Opens you up to the power of unconditional love, forgiveness and awareness for your healing and how you can integrate these into your daily life
• Balances power, wisdom and love within you so you think, feel and act in alignment
• Releases old energy, outdated patterns of thinking and behaving
• Shifts you into newer energies, higher frequencies, so you can feel joy and ease being at home here on earth
Neutralises& dissolves old patterns, rigid & limiting self-concepts


hawnaBharadwaj is a renowned delhi based tarot and astro consultant ,apart from this her expertise also lies in the field of numerology ,pyravaastu and other related sciences. Her education strength is biotechnology and masters in bioinformatics and her future aspirations is to phd in molecular biology.On professional arena ,she is now a well known name in holistic healing and is able to cure patients suffering from various karmic and non karmic diseases through her divine healings, yantras and mantra therapies ,meditation and prayers.
Her predictions are a beautiful combination of scientific astrology ,tarot and strong intuitions .she has been practicing tarot for 11 years and giving vaastu remedies for 8 years.
She has been giving predictions for celebrities, cricketers and politicians on various news channels like indiatv, aajtak, news24, ETV .

Tarot is a wheel of life that connects to our collective consciousness, which reflects our conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. The tarot pack consists of 79 cards of which 22 are the major arcana, 56 are the minor arcana and 1 Master Card.

Arcana means mysteries so the major arcana are the greater mysteries of life, these are the major lessons which we have no control over. They act as guides to inner development, they depict universal forces within us that are tempting to express to, or through us. Our higher self may be bringing them to our attention as we progress in our spiritual journey towards wholeness.